Ceremony Kasada In Bromo Tengger 2018

Ceremony Kasada Bromo is a traditional ceremony from Tengger tribe, that conducted once every year (according to ancient Javanese calendar), namely when it entered the moon of Kasada and precisely on the 14th day. Yadnya Kasada ceremony is the provision of offerings to the God or Sang Hyang Widhi and the ancestors of Tengger (Goddess Roro Anteng and Joko Seger). The legend of Rara Anteng (Princess of Majapahit) and Jaka Seger (Son Brahmin) “the origin of the Tengger tribe taken from the name behind them”

Ceremony Kasada Bromo

Ceremony Kasada Bromo 2018

Story Of Kasada Bromo. Pair of Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger build settlements and then reigned in the region Tengger as Purbowasesa Mangkurat Ing Tengger, meaning “Lord of the Tengger Budiman”. They are not in the gift of the child so that they do meditation or ascetic to Sang Hyang Widhi, suddenly there was a magical voice that says that they will come true meditation, but on the condition if they have to get descent, the youngest son to be sacrificed to the crater of Mount Bromo.

That is the history of the tengger tribe on Mount Bromo is now celebrated once a year every month Kasada at day-14th in the ancient Javanese calendar.

For travelers who want to visit Mount Bromo and watched the ceremony kasada bromo this year is celebrated on 29 – 30 June 2018.

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Yadnya Kasada Ceremony Bromo 2018