Mount Bromo Entrance Fee

Mount Bromo Semeru Tengger, before you plan a tour in Mount Bromo, it is important to know one of the information about the ticket prices to enter Mount Bromo and Semeru at this time. There are differences of entrance fee to bromo semeru for weekdays and weekend between the price of tickets for local and foreign tourists.

Entrance Fee for Mount Bromo Semeru

Towards the location of Mount Bromo there are several public routes and well-known routes, including the southern route to Bromo from Tumpang Malang – Gubugklakah, which is also in the direction of the route to Ranu Pani and Semeru. Then the route from the city of Pasuruan and the most popular is the route to Bromo via Probolinggo. The route through Probolinggo is more desirable because there are many inns and hotels available near the Mount Bromo area.

Entrance Fee Mt.Bromo and Surrounding

Local Tourists
(Weekday/Day) IDR 27,500
(Weekend/Day) IDR 32,500

Foreign Tourists
(Weekday/Day) IDR 217,500
(Weekend/Day)IDR 317,500

Entrance Fee Mt.Semeru and Surrounding

Local Tourists
(Weekday/Day) IDR 17,500
(Weekend/Day) IDR 22,500

Foreign Tourists
(Weekday/Day) IDR 207,500
(Weekend/Day)IDR 307,500

Types of Vehicle Entrance Fees

Car Rp 10,000
Motorbike IDR 5,000
Bicycle IDR 2,000
Horse IDR 1,500

For every visitor who uses a two-wheeled vehicle (motorcycle), it is best not to use a vehicle with automatic transmission because the terrain is very dangerous and frequent accidents occur at the location of Bromo. If you come to Bromo, you must rent a Bromo jeep tour as a special means of transportation to enter the area of ​​Mount Bromo.

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